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Who wants to be noticed as a great artist on hopscotch like @OrangeScent @LotsaPizza or @PopTart0219. Post your drawings here and you might be known as an amazing artist on hopscotch!

Drawing on paper compared to

Here is some of my art :3 actually opening up an art club and looking for great artists, so ya know, come join. My username on the forums and hopscotch is the same.


That's some great art! Do you take requests? If you do can you draw a panda hugging a pineapple or eating a pancake? Do you do that on the iPad?


Penguin with a top hat, twist, penguin needs to be SUPER cute


That is on an iPad. And I so take requests. I haven't done much animas besides wolfs, but I'll try C:


:scream_cat::scream:OMG, two nice posts, joined a day ago! :scream::scream_cat:
(destiny 81 (surrounding post with omg's), finè)


Thanks!!!!!! A lot....


Thanks a lot! :blush:


I couldn't get the hugging pineapple right, so I have a little pineapple on his stomach, hope that's ok C:


Is that a request for me?


It is!


Oh, ok. Penguin with a top hat, on it :3 the moment when, smileyalyssa follows you and likes a bunch of your projects O.o


Totally awesome!!!! Not to bug you but could you draw a wolf looking like a panda???


Like wolf body with panda markings????


Yeah! And the features of a panda


What happens when you try to draw a penguin at 10:30 o.O


Could you draw a really cute kiwi
If you don't know what it is it's a New Zealand Bird
If You Still Don't Know Could You Draw A Cute Monkey


Could u plz draw a new Zealand gsilver green fern, a plant!


Here we go C:
It took a little bit of time to draw this cutie so could you maybe give me a few likes or follows?


My tag is @OrangeScent1 :wink: