Artists on Hopscotch and Paper



So, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to use it to get art tips. I have a very uniform art style on the IPad, and I want some tips to make my iPad art look more like my paper art. I just am not as good on the iPad


Welcome to the forum! :D

If you want tips on your drawing, I recommend you check out this topic. :)

I hope you enjoy the forum!


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Thanks! I'm pretty good on paper, just my art is kind of boring style wise on Hopscotch


Dig deep in your soul to find a crazy drawing that possible couldn't be uniform.

I can't because this is deep in my soul:

Overall just relax, do your thing and maybe invest in a stylus if you draw with your finger


This is already a topic, and a rather large one at that,
Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.). Next time try to search before you post :wink:

Anyway this is a good topic as you can tell xD

Lol 3ed person to link to the topic xD


I'll try a stylus! It might help with detail. I'm terrible at eyes.


Don't worry, I'm not very good either. I think there's a tutorial on how to draw eyes in that topic. I'll try to find it XD

@EsteemedTrout I didn't find it on the topic but I found this