Artist Team United 🎨



What type of game shall we make? We could do an adventure game, possibly. The twists and turns could be like challenges in the wild you have to defeat. And also, do we have a account. If so, can I have the pass please?


I don't think we have an account... Are we meant to? .... I'd rather not... If you scroll down my profile, you will se a paragraph of writing... Read that... Then you'll see... I can, but I'd prefer not to, after what happened :rolling_eyes::sweat_smile:


Ok so let's have an account
Username will be
Artist Team United :art:
Pass will be : (tell me when you guys are ready @PandaBlossom @SkydivingWalnut @RubyWolf1


Umm I don't think anyone will remember that...

Edit: oh ok I thought you were being serious :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


No that was the fake one so we can prevent from hackers!


Will you need the pass as well?


I don't need it but I do find it. I watch all three topics so I know everything. (I am not a stalker I am a host I have to in order for player elimination should I explain how that works? It's really quick.)


Calling @Hermione @RubyWolf @SkydivingWalnut @PandaBlossom and @Razor

It's day two. The random team is in the lead with a plan and some things for the project done. I'd make an account, throw some ideas out there, and get started on the project.


So does Artist has to draw something?


No but there will be lightning rounds which is something simple in little time. Artists don't have to draw this round. I will let you know all the details to the challenges.


I'm ready...............


So, collab account or just remix and edit? :smiley:


Umm you guys are on right? Cause team coders are working their way up.


Yes... I'm on.... What do I do?:tired_face:


Idk post your idea and get to work on it, then let them remix and stuff. Just let them know and they will. Soon enough.. Remember the person who helps out the least will be eliminated. (If your team loses)


Ok... On hopscotch or on here?


Post the idea and what you'll call the project here, on the forum, and then do it and post it and they can remix it.
edit: then turn that idea into a project and post it on hopscotch


So, team, shall we make some kind of game where we have to make this fearful person, like, confident again? (It could be a simulator!)

I think I got everyone...


Yep that's everyone!


:blush:so, do I make a project? And shall I name it something specific, so you can see it? And, what is your HS user name?