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Continuing the discussion from Hopscotch Competition! With twists and big prizes! FULL:

Ok @Hermione @PandaBlossom @RubyWolf1 @SkydivingWalnut and @Razor this is your topic for discussing ideas for the competition. I will post challenges, the losing team, and the player eliminated on the original competition page. The first challenge theme is RANDOM aka anything you'd like. Good Luck!


Ok so what should we make, team?


So are we an team competing against other teams or our we competing against each other?


Guys should we make team leaders?


You are competing against the coders and the randoms. Don't start yet this is the first topic!

Edit: also yes. That was in the instructions at the beginning


Yes we should @Hermione


Well who?


@RubyWolf1 well it turned out that I got the most votes so....


It's ok you can be leader. I'm really busy anyway


TWIST ALERT!!!!! Check original topic for this challenge's twist! Sooooo exciting!


So, @Hermoinie, you are team leader right? What's your HS user name? So I can follow ya!:innocent:


Well my hopscotch username is MeaowCat or FruityMilkshake and I will like @RubyWolf1 as a co-leader with me!

Drawing on paper compared to

Ok!i think I follow MeowCat...Fruity Milkshake.. I will check that...


Oh and I forgot to mention the deadline is 3 days! I would start planning!


Can you explain the challenge in a bit more detail?


So the missing one is Fear let's plan a game!


I gave a theme. This one was random anything you'd like. Work as a team to create a project based on the theme. There will be twists that you MUST see. They could be helpful or hurtful. Losing team will have a player eliminated based on how helpful they are (most not helpful person will be eliminated) if leader gets eliminated you must choose a new one. Winning team for the challenge gets an advantage and the other team gets nothing. Complete it before the deadline. That's all!


Thanks that's a nice explanation I will try and win !


I deleted the . That doesn't turn invisible in the title. Plus, it could give the topic a better chance of getting closed. Finally tried out my global edit ability.


Hey, cool! Wow, I actually got votes! Yay!