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@Stradyvarious asked me to make this


The mouse moves right as long as the red bar doesn't bump into anything close to the mouse.
A value is set each time the bar bumps anything.
As long as the value is above a certain number( the distance from the bar when it bumps anything to the mouse) the mouse continues moving right.
When the bar bumps anything close, the value is below a certain number.
While the values low the mouse will move up.
When the values high again, the mouse stops moving up and starts moving right again.
Some more bars could be placed to detect above,below and behind the mouse.

Most of the blocks are in a random position each time the project starts.
The bar detects when a space big enough for the mouse to move right is available.

I think this is enough to digest for the moment.
Anyone who decides on making a similar project, please place the link in post on this topic




Its a topic about artificial intelligence!!!
Strady asked me to make it!


Sometimes it takes a little while for a topic to be active or get posts. I'm sure someone will find it useful eventually. :smiley:


Ya know what, ur right I'll delete that post :wink:
There all gone


i'll post later about my mouse project that can detect obstacles and move around them and supply a link

Strange you are so quick to try and stop a topic about coding in Hopscotch


Oh........kay.........I guess....


How does someoen make artificial intelligence?


By coding something to do something by itself
An example is to follow the player
When seven is seven
Point towards player
Move forwards


What I mean is problem solving code.
Code that can solve problems that haven't happened yet, and code that can deal with a changing problem.


But what I stated is also AI.


Yes. it's AI you posted.
Reacting to a situation that happens.
I was just giving warning for the post I was making.


I know


Sorry for putting you on the spot by making is topic.
It won't happen again


Its ok


I'm working on an AI bot that understands when you tell it to like or dislike certain things, and reacts in a certain way when you drag an emoji of that thing to it.


Why is it and so slightly highlighted in gray?