Art Tutorials on Hopscotch


I'll publish a tutorial here anytime I have one,
So stay tuned peeps

Hair Tutorial: Requested by @a10

Check it out on the app as well! My Hopscotch name is OrangeScent


Did you find the tutorials helpful?

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  • no
  • mehhhhh



What about eyes?


Shading, maybe? It seems easy, but I'm terrible at it on HS...


How About A Skin Totourial?


What do you mean by skin?


Face, Eyes, Mouth, Nose etc.


Those would probably be separate tutorials!


This is gonna sound reeeaallly specific, but can you do a tutorial on how you figure out where to place the eyes, nose, and mouth on a face so it looks proportional? That's something I always struggle with..:sweat_smile:


Gotcha, I had trouble with that for a LOOONGGG
Now I got it, and I'm able to do more realistic stuff!
Oh I have a poll, I've been wondering about it for a while

Is my current style realistic or still cartoonish?

  • it's super realistic!
  • needs work...
  • too cartoonish



Cartoon drawings are BAAAAAAAAEEEE


I can do that, I learnt that a few days ago!


Sry off topic but you should look at this!


Omg :blush:
She was making that for me?!?
So happy :joy:


I know right! I was not guessing that also!


That's actually the nicest thing anybody has done for me on hopscotch ever :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


I think it's because of all the hate you get


Thanks so much @OrangeScent1! You helped me so much with the hair :blush:


Yeah I'm really good at drawing eyes on paper, not so good on hopscotch..


Well, it's anime/manga, and those are cartoons, BUT, it's not cartoony like in the Sunday Funnies, if you know what I mean. Keep in mind that you can't recreate somebody's style of art, and your art style is really cool! (Hope this helped:joy:)-SkydivingWalnut

P.S. How do you add polls?