ART THEN AND NOW! (How many diffrences are there in The time?)



I just was searching through all my drawings, and I thought, Hey!
How about Hopscotchers, show us They're art then and Now!
It can be from a day apart, to ten years!
Put The drawings side By side, and see How much you've improved!


I kinda remember my older art styles, so I drew this.

Left = Oldest Right = Newest


Interesting! I'll find a photo, give me a minute


From May of 2016

To March 2017

Posting this on drawing topic eheh


Yeah, I think I see some improvment there!


so much improvement here ;-;

I mean do I hate my old art? Yes
But do I like my new art? No


that- that is the truth for every artist ;-;


(rubs hands together) whooo boy

October 2015, four-hour work

Yesterday (March, 2017), five-minute drawing


the anatomy is really good though


You've improved quite a lot


Yeah, my new art is better, but it isnt good either X3


You've defenetly improved in body-shaping!


Old (Wake Me Up Inside)

New (Still Cringy)


Just wondering

Whats that second 'template' for


March 2016:

(I'm cringing)

March 2017:

Still pretty bad.


Cringe drawing from March 2016

Cringe Work in Progress from yesterday, March 2, 2017


Ohmygosh you are really good!
I thought the first one was the improved one!


Mah art before and after (less than a year difference) :3

Tell me what you think, and if you have any other suggestions!

P.S. The "after" drawing was drawn in October.

@XiaoMiaoMi @SuperGirl3Acer btw I'm a big fan of you guys!! :smiley:



Hi! I drew this in 2014 fourth grade!

And this one a few weeks ago (it's not done yet)


Okay I Am very eh, but are you KawaiiCatChan? Probally not, but it looks like it:3