Art, share your creative imagination with art in this topic!


Hi!!! If you want to share art with the WORLD, come here. You can share pixel art, code art, art you made on the computer, and art that you drew by HAND!!!

No STEALING art. (Saving someone's image and posting it here saying it's YOURS)


You are aloud to HATE on people's art, but don't start an argument.

Q. Can you ask art requests?
A. Yes!! I am happy to allow you to ask ANYONE to do your art requests.

Q. What if my art is bad?
A. There is nothing to be afraid of!! Some people might like your drawings, but if you want, you don't have to post your art :slight_smile:

Q. What is the point of this topic?
A. This is just a random topic where you can share your creativeness and abilities in art!


Thanks :slight_smile: So can you please delete your post?


Please delete your posts so I can recycle this topic. Thanks. ;D