Art School In Hopscotch!



I was thinking of making an ART SCHOOL (sort of a collab) with students and assistant teachers, and a principle. There will be homework and tests that I will publish every week. I'm Ethereal on hopscotch, just so you know. The application form is this:

Will you be nice?-
Why do you want to join?-
Rate your experience with making art on hopscotch.-
What art style do you want to learn, or get better at?-
What rank do you want to be?(I need at least three students, 6 teachers,and 1 principle)-


I mean art clubs would get lost inside the drawing topic, eh?


We're kinda getting off topic...


Can I be a teacher? Also, do you mean drawing or trail art/pixel art?


It could be either one, but it depends on your style. I mostly draw, bc I know nothing about pixel art.


and yes, @PerfectPanda24 you can be a teacher.


Thank you!


Your quite welcome! :smiley:


this sounds really cool but I have another idea. We could do this thing where we rotate weekly so one week some people are teachers and the rest are students and then the other week it rotates so the people who were teachers become students and the let's say like 6 students become teachers for the week (until we get enough people we could do like 2 teachers but yeah you can choose that).
So yeah I hope you like my idea