Art Requests or Art Trades?

Does anyone want an art request or art trade? I'm getting better a dragons, good at cats, good at humans, and have this really cool 100-color art pad that I created! I'll get it done ASAP. Here are my current requests:
@RobotPro wants Yellowfang from Warriors drawn - Click here for drawing.
@KoalaKrazy wants a koala drawn - Click here for drawing.
I'll edit this if any more requests are made, and insert a hyperlink by their request when finished.


Draw Yellowfang


Draw a koala maybe?

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Will do! I'll post it later today, most likely.

Sure! I'll post it later today.

Ugh, I'm out of likes lol XD

BTW, here's my "Pad of 100-colors" with my first dragon drawing on it. Feel free to take a look! To view, click here.

All done! The link will be above, on my first post.

Okay, I'm finished! Hyperlink is on my first post on this Subject.

Aw it's so cool and Cute!


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I'll try to get it done today, @Sweetlina. I'll post it on my first post above.

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