Art Requests - No Anime



tankt2016 is now doing art requests! but, here's the thing: I don't do anime, so if you want anime, go to OrangeScent or MagmaPOP or another Hopscotcher. I've never drawn anime, so I am definitely terrible at it. But I can do 3D objects! I made a request project. Here is the link:

But I don't do chibi, anime, or any style of art.


A penguin with a top hat!


Okay. I'll have it done very soon!


Okay. I'll have it done very soon! And I mean very. I mean I'm going to have it done by 7:00 Eastern time.


But, @Stampys_fans, you need to fill out the request form. Tap the link above to go to the request form game.


Animal Requests

3D or 2D: 2D
Animal: penguin
Animal Clothing: top hat
Accessories: top hat? Fish?
Background: sun set
Objects: fish? Top hat? Fishing line?
Scenery: sun set?


Okay. I'll have it done by the end of the week.


top hat (that is wearing a top hat)
another griffin(icorn)
more narnia

don't look too close, no secrets here


Yep, I believe u 100%

There may or may not be secrets here.......


but seriously

that would look awesome


I do not know what Narnia looks like.


just a forest w/ a bunch of people (and magical creatures) stuck in the Middle Ages (sort of)... just... Google images narnia and find something that isn't the book cover, I'm not going to put 20+ photos here


Sorry, but I really need you to stick a text object on my SmileyPad remix. Or I could write it down. Sorry that your drawings will be delayed.