Art Requests FOR REAL THIS TIME!1!



So, I have said I would take art requests before, but... Meh. I procrastinate... A lot. So I'll be taking Hopscotch requests on my account zecuddlymau! Also, @OrangeScent1 thanks for accepting me into that club. The... OS Squad? Heh. Well, yeah, that's about it.

I do not, I repeat, will not (xD) forget a single request!


Hello! My username is Tappy​:wink::point_up_2:🏻мℓρ and it would mean so much if you could do my request!
Eyes: dark chocolate brown
Hair: Black with a coppery sheen in the sunlight, done in a side ponytail
Gender: Female
Skin: Tan (Asian)
Clothes: striped orange and white mini dress (going halfway down to my knees)
Extras: a rainbow necklace in a heart shape
Thank you! You are such an amazing artist!
(Note that this is copied and pasted)


Okay, I can do that! It might not be done by tomorrow. I'm a Listener at seven cups of tea and have a session starting in... Three minutes.


Ok! See you on the forum (or hopscotch) later!




A potato riding in space with bananas...


Can you draw what you think I (the girl) look like?
(I think telling what you look like is personal info. It's related to the picture-of-you thing.)


I would like you to draw the best troll face ever


Pls do me. Pls :cry: (JK, lol)
Asian, tan skin (like this:

Brown eyes
Black hair in an 'Elsa type Braid'
Red hoodie
White tee shirt under the hoodie
If you fit it in, black shorts and red converse

Can I say that you are AWSOME at art and coding, and I'm honoured to be your coding parter? That makes you doubly AWSOME

Thank you!


Whoa zecuddlymau is you? Cool!


Yep. That's me.



Revivin' the topic. Doing requests on my ChiTea account, now, though.


Revival, once more. Awaken, those who want requests, awaken!


Anyone want sum art?


Could I draw u something too???..


Could you draw me special a anime??


What do you mean? My style changed and it's more cartoony, somewhat like this:


Ohh I like that...but could u add like the same color of hair and the same clothes to your style from the show special a..


Yeah, totally! I can do that.


Yay thanks!!