Art Requests for iWaffle


Hi everyone! You might know me as iWaffle from Hopscotch. I just recently started taking requests, and I figured the forum would be a great way to get more requests!
If you want to give me a request, just reply to this and fill out the request form!

Skin color:
Hair color, style & length:
Hair texture (straight, curly, etc.):
Bangs (optional):
Extra (freckles, scars, etc.):

Here are some examples of my art:


Gender: Female
Skin color: Light Brown
Hair color, style & length: A combination of Blonde and Brown, Bun, Long
Hair texture (straight, curly, etc.): Curly
Bangs (optional): No
Eyes: The first one
Clothes: Anything
Accessories: None
Extra (freckles, scars, etc.): Freckles
Expression: Happy




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Gender: female
Skin colour: peach
Hair color, style & length: dirty blonde, Down, really long
Hair texture (straight, curly, etc.): Strait but messy
Bangs (optional): nope
Eyes: Hazel
Clothes: Blue T-Shirt with denim short sleeve jacket on top
Accessories: cat ears
Extra (freckles, scars, etc.): headphones
Expression: happy but with arched eyebrows
Notes: I love your art!!!!


Gender: female
Skin color: peach
Hair color, style & length: very black with brown highlights, low ponytail with lavender bands
Hair texture (straight, curly, etc.): straight but curly on the bottom
Bangs (optional): yes but not to long
Eyes: very black with little brown and white sparkles
Clothes: green and white striped shirt with black kitty outline, short jeans with smiley faces and rainbow belt, if you do shoes, black sneakers with white shoelaces
Accessories: purple earrings, necklace, and bracelet
Extra (freckles, scars, etc.): can her hands be on her hips?
Expression: :blush:
Notes: Thank you!
- minioncandy


I have a lot of requests, so please understand if I don't do your very quickly. Also, I'm not that active because I'm on vacation!