Art Requests For Gilbert189?


I have made a new art/text art/shoutout account called "JustAnotherArtist".
Anyway, I will now be taking requests! Just say the drawing pad I should use and what I should draw! I'm still learning to draw people, so they won't be great.:stuck_out_tongue:


I'm sure u'll b fine. Here's a request.
(I prefer my drawing on the PopPad please)
(Draw me!!!!:smile:)
I have:
-Super light brown hair
-Hair up to-I don't know- somewhere around the center of my back
-elf ears (but no too pointy)
-Green eyes-dark, intense green
-Dark blue hoodie, hood loosely on my head
-Peach colored skin


Can you do:
On PopPad 4.0
Long Dark brown hair
Brown eyes
Light tan skin
Electric blue long sleeved shirt
Black leggings
White sneakers.


I tried to draw @KuteKitty, and failed epically... Would you guys mind giving me requests that aren't people? The occasional person is okay, but I can't draw them well...:wink:


A horse that has a saddle and everything ant than has a yellowish body and tarnish Maine
On any pad you want


Okay! I'm up to do requests now! I can't do horses though... Sorry...


Can you draw the Apple Logo? :3


How bout a:
Pearson tussle-dash hound dog light brown, plea I spikky color


Can you do a lightning cat, sort of like my profile pic? Make it electric blue and dark blue. Please.


Aw... Ok, draw moi a kitty, I don't care what type.