Art Requests For @Gilbert189?


Since there has been a flood of applause for my drawings, I can try to do about 2 requests about each month. I will choose the best once I can draw!


What type of requests do you take? People? Animals?


Anything, really! I'm good at realistic style. Keep in mind that these drawings will be on Hopscotch.


Well, you choose :wink:

  • me
  • my dog



Can I let others choose? I don't want to pick!:sweat_smile:


If you aren't busy and filled with requests, could you draw me?


I think I'll do one random request and one Hopscotch related request.


Hopscotch related request: The "H" logo melting


Hi! Please do this!

Anonymous mask on a person (male)


Wow. Those are GREAT requests!


I'll close the poll when I get up tomorrow :wink:


Great idea! Thanks!:wink:


Can you draw yourself?


Well, it would be sharing personal info, although many peeps have done this
Again, your choice @Gilbert189


Interesting! I could maybe try! But not now, unfortunately. I could do it on paper, but it would take a while.


Can you make a 30 second doodle?


maybe draw someone on a ipad playing HS?


Can you draw a POTATO!! Lol just for fun


Try drawing something with your non-dominant hand. Unless you're ambidextrous, then idk


It takes me a while to draw a line :laughing:.