Art QandA and sharing!




This is where you can post your best art or any art you want to that you have drawn! Sorry if im being picky, i just want to see your art!

Your fren,


Isn't that what the Drawing topic is for?


Wut? Sorry what drawing topic?


The Drawing on paper compared to an iPad… one by @BuildASnowman


I just thought i would make my own version


Fox with kits in her den


It's best not to make duplicate topics. We don't want to clog the forum! :wink:


thats a neat photo but this topic might not be the place for it. and plus why settle for some people every once in a while when... you can have lots of people like it. here let me do one thing


hey berry your photos on the topic

this is the drawling topic with hundreds of diffrent artists and this topic might get shut down by kiwi because theirs already a topic.


Sorry, but as @PenguinGaming713 said, it's best not to have duplicate topics, and unless I misunderstood something, this is exactly the same as the drawing topic. :wink:

Would you like to recycle this, have it merged with the drawing topic, or have it closed? :slight_smile:


ERMAGERD YOUR A LEADER!!!!!!!!@!!! I NEED TO BE ON MORE!!!!!! :disappointed_relieved:


Or sell it lel I keep saying this