Art Polls: Get Opinions On Your Hopscotch Art



Should I do shading? Left is shading, right is none.

  • Yes. The shading is cool.
  • Maybe. Work on it a little.
  • No. It looks weird.


PS: this topic is for anyone who wants to make a poll about their art.


Does everyone prefer my first style or second?


Great drawing Glitter_Kitty! I personally think you should continue with shading ( it makes you look professional :stuck_out_tongue:) but do less shading under the stomach


Should I start shading?


Lol my shading is horrible in this pic :expressionless:


Hey @Glitter_Kitty i saw ur OC challenge and (off topic) my bday is the 18th but my cousins is on the 17th.

To everyone else.. Should i give my OC shading i like it better without


Should I do more fan art or random art? Lol idk

Yes, the three on the left are fanarts of Steven universe and Yandere simulator


The polls have said it! You guys like my first style more! I'm officially adding a section to my request forms: Chibi or anime style? Improved the first style a little


It looks cool @MissFluffyHuskyz!


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Also what eye style


Eye Styles!



  • 1
  • 2



i like your art as it is but its up to you


How do you make a poll???


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  • Style 1
  • Style 2
  • Style 3



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