|| Art Piece (˶◕‿◡˶✿) ||


Hey guys!
Anyone a fan of the game Pokemon?
Most of you obviously know the popular game Pokemon go.
Here's some fanart of the game I drew recently!

Program || Paint tool sai
Drawn with || Mouse
Time || 30 Minutes


that looks awesome fren!!

we do have another topic for drawing and stuff, it's a good time

it's right here :D

you could recycle this topic later too

welcome to the forum!!


That's an amazing drawing! :open_mouth:
But maybe you should post it in the drawing topic :slight_smile: Here it is: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/drawing-on-paper-compared-to-an-ipad-shading-shaping-etc-official-3/20737
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I couldn't find the drawing topic, It only showed me 3 topics. The current topic is the closest to art. Sorry if its against the rules or anything Dx


it's no problem!! we just generally want to avoid duplicate topics

there it is :D


I hereby nominate Waff as leader! XD


Thank you so much!
I'll be sure not to mess up with the topics on future posts.


That's okay! You're new, and everyone makes mistakes :slight_smile: (I actually did that a lot when I was new to the forum)
We should probably get back on topic though!


no worries!! it's tricky to get used to, especially with the limits of having just joined ^^;

if you want @BellaWafflez17 and i can delete our posts so you can use the topic for something new!


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