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Hey guys and girls. So I’ve been trying to make an art pad, but it doesn’t work. I can only get one color out of the “draw like a pen” block. I want multiple colors, but I don’t know how to do that. Can somebody please help me?

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Yeah sure. I can help

Would you like me to make you a really basically one? Then you can add anything else that you’d want.
Or you can post a basic version of whatever you have and then I can build off that


I could help with the code, just need a link.


I can help if I remember…just instead of draw a trail color black do

draw a trail color (H) (S) (B) as values

And when a color is tapped make the hsb values corresponding to the color.

I don’t know if that sounded clear, if you want I can post photos


Since you didn’t say anything, and I have time, I made you a basic one. 7 colors. Add/change whatever you want. It’s all yours.
Credit not necessary but add if you want ig


I don’t need to give credit, cuz it’s says I remixed it from you ):
Thx for helping tho @FearlessPhoenix


You can remix, save as a draft, and unpublish. Duplicate that draft and it should go away.



I don’t think it worked.


Oof. Well uh if you want you can publish a blank project (just with a text object and a line of code maybe) and then I’ll remix it with the drawing pad. (I’ll redo, that’s okay)

But given enough time it should go away…?


Hi! I see that @FearlessPhoenix has helped you already. Just tell me (or anyone else on here) if you need more help! :slight_smile:


Here, give me a link and I can fix the whole thing.


Make variables for H, S and B. Then just make many color circles or something you can tap on to get a specific color. When a specific circle is tapped, set all three variables to that color (HSB colors).
And that’s it. Make sure to do this code with The Pen:

Click on This link above for a picture of The code or The link down for My Art pad.


btw why was I tagged
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Gonna close this cuz it’s resolved ig

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