Art Pad Layout Help?


Eh... Yeah.... Me Be updating da art pad so more people will draw on it... See reason on my projects....
Um, I'm so rubbish at layout though!! The colours are all messed up, it's funny! Yeah... HALP?!
If you could, I am spam liking you, and hugging you!!
Don't steal it or u don't want to see an angry panda ....( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Here's the link... :smiley:

Thank you!!




First of all, did you use check once ifs? If so, instead use values. There's so much lag (no offense!).


*is it glitchy?! Dies!! Nooooooo I cri ;-; *


I can fix the layout, too, if you want! I have some ideas.


I used it in safari, though. That could be why!


:smiley: :smiley: may you? If so, thank you so much!!


Yeah, I'd love to! I'll be back in 20 minutes or so. :hibiscus::bouquet:


Probably :wink: um, look an my non updated version.... Maybe that's not glitchy?


Thank you thanks!!!
Thank you


Is this the one I should work on?



I'm not here to help you with the pad but I need to say that everything about it is fabulous.

Okay maybe I'll help a bit. Maybe warm colours on one side (reds, oranges etc.) and cool colours on one side (greens, blues ETC.) and a clear button near the top of the ipad.


No, the updated version, the one in the link. Should I publish it, then you save it in drafts, then... Yeah....?


I meant fabulous as a viewing and colour idea standpoint.


:smiley: thanks!! I haz to go now, be back (sorry it so off topic)


Yeah! I'll save it.


All done!


:sweat_smile:thanks so much!! Just 1 question... U know the little circle thingy that goes withe the cursor, right? I can't find where it is in the code, because I want to edit the code in there and in sorta freaking out.... Please? :slight_smile:


I might be able to help you. Is it too late? I could add stuff :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks! Um... Could you wait a day? I'm currently adding some new stuff and deleted get stuff and improve Ping is. Here's a screenshot of the one in my drafts... Sorry about the layout... I kinda wpmesed it up :frowning::grin::stuck_out_tongue: