Art Pad help very needed



I want to make a drawing pad (like that one who was made by @Mathgirl or Quicksilver) with HSB slider and color saving, but I'm really bad at harder coding. Can anyone halp me? I will give you credit, follow, shotout and some likes! (if you want)
Here's a link:
This is only a text


I can't ( I'm not a great coder ) but I could give you some tips :blush:
-You could go into the code of some of them and kind of understand it a lil bit, this will help a lot
-You could ask an awesome coder like @KVJ , @PopTart0219, etc


I tried, but it's too complicated 4 me ;n;


I might be able to. I have to go right now, but on hopscotch you can steal my code of my HSB color slider but give credit :wink:


I will give credit to everyone, who has helped :D


I don't want to spam them…



Me awesome? Next to OmNomSusie? Thanks!!


What is it you need help with?


Saving colors, HSB slider...


I'm going to sleep see you tomorrow


Bye! I guess I'll help tomorrow then?


I think so too :wink:


No problemo :wink:


Well, I can't help with the HSB slider, but maybe preset shades?
I'd love to help, senpai. :DD


CatWithABrush isn't available now because of homework


Hei @KVJ I can start doing the pad now (if you're busy, plz tell me)



Im a little busy today, especially later but I can help a bit. Or even more tomorrow?


Oh no I'm going to my cousin to all the weekend
And at the week I've got school D:


Well we'll have to manage ٩( ᐛ )و