Art pad help please


So need help with my art pad.


What help do you need?


What do you need help with?


I need help with my art pad.


I drew this on my art pad but I need to add more colors


Do you want to add more colours, but keep the drawing?


Yes that's what I want


Sorry, I'm afraid that's not really possible. If you want to change the code then your drawing goes away :frowning: Really nice drawing tho :)


Doesn't matter of drawing I could draw this again but need more colors for art pad.


Oh, I see. You didn't make the drawing pad.

In that case, go into the code and copy the code for the colour picker squares. Add some new squares and paste the code, except change the colour to the colour you want to add... hope this makes sense


Ok thx a lot lol :joy: I hope this works