Art Pad Help! :D



So, I recently made an art pad. Link provided here. I don't plan to use it much, it's mainly for others!

I need to add some things! I want to add games, music, and, of course, more colors and settings.

@BubblegumCupcakeMix you are the trail master
@Anonymous i know you're a busy troller but pls
@Rawrbear games?
@everyone feel free to join
@OrangeScent1 you're awesome at stuff
@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf senpai you're the shape art master


I can do the HSB'(s) if you want??? just in a hour or 2 mai sis have ipad and charging!


Okay! I already have every HSB color I NEED but someone asked for some darker shades! Just select it, copy it, and change the brightness by about 10 :wink:


darker shades? like gray-ish black or something? i'll work on that!


Like, of red and the rest of the rainbow!


Amazing drawing pad!
The colors are awesome! :D

And the sign at the top is awesome. :D

I could help with something... I'm not actually sure what I could do, though... XD

I could help with anything but the changing of the trail type. XD


so a dark red orange yellow green followed by blue indigo and violet?


Yup! Check out the pad to see all the colors :D. :sunflower:


okyyyyyyy! well I cant cuz I o computer and I cant acess my ipad but I will get the hsb


Sure, I'd love to help! :smile:

Should I start the first shift?


Thanks! You can do anything you want... Hmm...

Oh yeah, i spent so long on that sign xP

Hm, you could help in the games or anything else you think of!


Sure! We need a games tab, I think. But you can work on whatever you want :D.


the dark red Hsb is , HSB,358,77,43


What game should I put on it first? :slight_smile:


Something unique... undertale!
Just kidding, maybe flappy bird? What do you think?


Undertale would be cool too, but if I put it in, the drawing pad would be waaaaaaay too laggy! :yum:

I'll do Flappy bird for now! Should I do something like Illuminati Beatdown, too? :smile:


A dark yellow is , HSB,45,100,79


I saw the word illuminati, the answer is yes. Please do.

Maybe a tapper or something? I don't want to put a ton of pressure on you, though!

(I keep forgetting about the spring challenge! :tulip::heart::bouquet::hibiscus::rabbit::sunny:️)


Don't worry, there's no pressure! :grin:

Now I have to tag every single color circle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


a dark green is, HSB,104, 63, 65