Art pad for Mi!



OK guys I am looking for 10 to 15 people to help make this I seen other art pads but I can not do that .Well I can do like three colors but its hard so help out! (I NEED some art pad makers)


oops some mistakes Ive and its


I can help! I've made twelve art pads for different people, I'm really good at getting HSBs, shades, and coding them.


I'll help! I can get good HSB, just saying!


Thanks so much for this... It truly does warm my heart to see people doing these kind deeds
ugh I sound like an overprotective grandma

But really, thanks!
Be sure it includes laurel!

A few things I know she likes:
- Shades of colors
- Being able to make the art pallet and stuff disappear

Once again, thank you!


I will need code for a color to use like click red there you go and then click blue can someone tell me the code! thanks


Here's a great site for HSBs!


Could I help make the art pad??