Art Pad Doesn’t Draw Lines Properly

Project link: wonky art pad :0 by wanderfrog

So I wanted to make an art pad for my alt acc, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly- the lines don’t show up the color I want them to.

What do you want your code to do? I would like to be able to click on the color I want and have it draw a smooth line of that color.

What is the code currently doing? Whenever I try to draw a line of the color I choose it will either A) draw in the correctly color, but with dots or B) draw a line with the correct color and a contrasting color. I’ve cobbled together my own art pad before, and the code appears to be very similar, so I’m not quite sure what’s wrong.



So, what I think is happening is two draw a trail blocks are interrupting each other, or is drawing with both at the same time. The best way to compensate is to set the HSB values (via three variables), and then pass those into an HSB color block when drawing the trail.

Word of Advice: always place the when iPad is pressed rule below the when iPad is tapped rule.

Also, when a number is inputted in the color parameter, it takes a value from Hopscotch’s default colors. i.e., color 8 is orange.

Here’s an example (don’t mind the mess):


I think maybe instead [When (Color!) = (X)] {Draw a trail color (Color of choice) width (10)}(Set position to X (Last touch X) Y (Last touch Y)), try using [When (Color button) is tapped] {Set trail color to (Color of choice)}. You probably don’t really need the variable; just pre-determined trail colors assigned to specific objects.

This is most likely why you are having this problem.

That won’t work. Set trail color is only meant to change colors mid-way in the draw trail block.

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