Art pad collab help! :D



Hi everyone! Can somebody help me with making a art pad? Here are the things that need done.
Colors: @PandaBlossom @Pingu
Brush width: @dude73
Music: @PandaBlossom
Logo (it will be called the goobrpad): @Dude73 @bluedogmc-official
Anything else I might need help with: @PandaBlossom @TallAOnForum @bluedogmc-official @Goobrgrlrye :upside_down::slight_smile:
I will put ALL of the people who help with my pad in the credits!
Thanks guys! This will be tons of fun to make with you guys helping!
P.S. @PandaBlossom and @Pingu can you guys start with the colors? Then @dude73 with width, then the logo, with which @PandaBlossom you add the music code to.


I'll help! :D


Okay! What whould you like to do?


I am help with width and/or logo if you want me too. :smile:


Brush width and colors! :D


Okay! You can do width @Dude73


Okay! :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:


I can do everything you need on an art pad...I've made 20+... BTW, did you know that music makes the art pad laggy (sometimes)?


Here is the width code tutorial.

Hang on, getting it.
Look in the code for it.

Try taking a look at an actual drawing pad for help.


Really?! I didnt know that! Thanks!


Can you help with colors?


Me? Sure I can! (I'm pretty sure you can still add music, just put when 7=7, I think that makes it less glitchy...ask @Anonymous!)


Hey @PandaBlossom! Can you and @Pingu start the colors? You can send it to me on here when your done.


Sure! Do you want me to post it on HS? Username please! Plus, I'm gonna put the link here :wink:


Okay. My hopscotch username is the same as on here... :grinning:
Here is how we will do it,

  1. @PandaBlossom and @Pingu do colors

  2. @Dude73 do width and logo

  3. @PandaBlossom add the music code to the logo. It doesn't have to be any song in particular, just a fun, catchy, song.

  4. @Goobrgrlrye will add some other buttons and things. I will tag you just in case there is something else that I might need help with.


Sure! 'Bout music...I normally make music in a minor (sounds sad) key...if you look up some of my other songs, (scroll down I'm my profile:D) you can use some of them! :D if you could, please don't use Song 5, it sound bad... And...I can't make moosik (music) right now, as my iPad is on silent! When I get the chance, I might!
I can make music in the weekends though!
(Weekdays, I'm not allowed volume up, for some weird reason D:)
Sorry if I'm being unorganised!


Okay! :wink: That is kind of strange you can't have the volume up on weekdays...


I dunno lol.


HSBs? Or are we adding colors? :D


Yep, colors! And HSBs too!