Art on Hopscotch


I have not been on hopscotch very long, but have seen a very unfair problem. Artists get much more recognition than coders. For example, OrangeScent can create this project:

and get 2500 likes. Oio can create this project and get 250 likes.


i dont really see how its unfair..


I believe what he is saying is that projects with less code get more attention than those with hundreds of blocks.

But why not? People like what they enjoy, and you can't stop them from enjoying art. She gets recognition because she creates good art, meaning that she did put effort into what she drew. She definitely deserves the likes.
Oio. Awesome coder, but maybe some people didn't enjoy his game as much as one of OC's drawings.


It's one of the most unfair things I've ever seen. OrangeScent creates a drawing that probably took about 5 minutes, gets on featured and receives about 2500 likes. Oio creates an amazing 3D game that probably took at least a week to create and gets 250 likes and trending.


I'm a boy lol. Not trying to be mean just saying. I also kinda just want people to notice that oio project it's amazing. 🤗:+1:


When The Hopscotch Team features projects, they look for interesting, creative, and innovative projects. I had never seen a meme template on Hopscotch, and The Hopscotch Team obviously loved the idea.


@Gilbert189 about every single one of oio 's projects are innovative but do not get featured


ohhhh well some people like games so the like that and well others love art so the like the art but some people like both so he like both it really just depends on what you like


Your right, but the meme template is really popular.


Would you like every one of @oio's projects to be featured? Also, @OrangeScent1 does get onto the top of trending a lot, but she's only been featured once for her drawings. I garuntee that The Hopscotch Team sees @oio's awesome projects, but if every single one was featured, then nobody else would have a chance.


I never said every single one should get featured.


I understand that. Do you know how many times @oio has been featured? It's more than 3, easily. Sorry if I sound mean, but this isn't that big of an issue.:smile:


Don't get me wrong, I love @oio's projects. But he has definitely been recognized. @OrangeScent1 is loved by the community, and that's why she's always trending. The Hopscotch Team sees that, I know that for sure.


My friend Little Kitty:cat:, has becoming a really good hopscotcher! Check out this! She didn't even copy code!


@Gilbert189 4 times, same as you


@GracefulIcing1 I Liked all her projects :+1::smile:


She really is an amazing hopscotcher in my opinion. She started in January on her old account...


There is literally one or two projects that are drawn in featured. People loved the meme template, and it was a cool and simple idea. @oio was in rising for that game, but think about it. If he was featured for that project, then Yantris-2 might not have been featured. It's all a matter of balance.


We should probably stop arguing :grinning:Lol


That is kind of offending, my drawings take a lot longer than 5 minutes and have a lot of effort. I do get on trending, but I've been featured three times
Mostly for my code, but once for art (meme template)