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Drawing eyes is NOT easy! But I found a few designs Hopscotchers drew, and made an art lesson for all of you! Follow the directions of the pictures. BTW, you can buy Fine Line tip markers at the dollar store for $3!

Artists on Hopscotch and Paper

Hi @PenguinGaming great tutorial on drawing eyes in Hopscotch projects! You've been really observant of people's different styles. This is great for Hopscotchers wanting to draw art on Hopscotch :smiley:

I think maybe you should edit your post and add the title "Drawing eyes in Hopscotch" just to make it clearer that this is in Hopscotch, so that it doesn't get confused as spam because it seems unrelated to Hopscotch :frowning:

But it is related so it's okay :smiley: In case you're not sure how to edit your posts, there's a tutorial here.


You should show how to draw StarGirlStudio's eyes!


Wow! Your eyes are really cool, it's always good to practice drawing in real before drawing it in a project! This is how I draw eyes..