Art Lesson 1: How to draw: Eyes! pt. 1



Hi everyone! My name is AwesomeKitty, and today I will teach you how to draw one of these eyes!

The one I will show you today is this one:


So let's get started!

First, start out by drawing a oval (any color you like).

Then, draw a wavy shape kinda like this in a color darker (but similar) than your previous color.

(LOL, mine looks like a black-and-white cookie)
Anyway, then draw two white circles, one bigger than the other, on the oval.

Draw a black line on the top of the oval.

Then finally, draw a triangle on the tip of the black line.

And that's basically it! I did this using an app called Paper, but you can do this in Hopscotch as well! You can use it in big drawings, small drawings, and drawing requests! Ciao for now, AwesomeKitty (Highlights magazine reference)