Recently, a few (actually a lot) of people have been saying art is not ok, and doesn't belong.

Here's what Liza wrote back to me in an email

Hi OrangeScent!

Thanks for writing and huge apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

This is a super important question, and I think there are two key answers:

  1. You're exactly right; Hopscotch is for expressing creativity (and I really love the way you phrase this!). As long as what you make doesn't hurt someone else, it absolutely belongs in Hopscotch. Art is included (and encouraged!).

  2. It's hard to get attention in Hopscotch. There are 40,000+ projects published every week, and very few get the plays/likes they deserve. Lots of coding projects only get a few likes, but so do lots of art, writing, animations, and other things. Instead of blaming artists, we should make it easier for everyone to get attention — something we hope to work on soon.

If you have other questions or want to talk more about this, let me know!

Thank for you making amazing things in Hopscotch and encouraging others to do the same. We really appreciate you!


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So, next time you see an art project that you think has "too many" likes, think about this.

All artists, @lotsapizza, @iMeow, @iReesesCup
You no longer have to worry about people judging your projects.

Go make some art, on a draw pad, with a trail, with text, anything.

Just be creative.


I almost emailed them about this! I don't do Hopscotch art much anymore, but I love art on Hopscotch! Why else would they make draw pads?


Coding practice I guess?


I love hopscotch art! It's so cool and so are the pads!


So, can we stop with the GUYS, HOPSCOTCH ISN'T DEVIANT ART! Topics?

Oh, ok...


No offense to anyone who made one of those topics, but I don't agree with them

Artists can make art on hopscotch. Sometimes when people draw it gives me ideas on what to code! It also encourages creativity on hopscotch!


I realize that art is fine with others, it's just my personal opinion that art shouldn't be as prominent in Hopscotch.

Personally, I could debate on this topic, but I don't want to get into a flame war.

I would just love to see some art accounts do some other types of projects!

I get that draw pads like @iMeow's are super cool, but I like variety! That's all I'm trying to say. :D


Good point @Gilbert189!

I always like seeing the hopscotch artists make coded projects :)

Honestly I think hopscotch art is ok if you code your own pad or code a little in between!


It doesn't have to be that prominent, it's maybe 30% of Hopscotch. Without doing the math, I'd say about 12,000/40,000 are drawings. A lot more is coding

But variety is always a good thing


Do I have permission to gather official percentages from 100 trending projects? :D

It could be a cool experiment!


You don't really need my permission, but ok
Trending doesn't account for everything, though. It's mostly drawings because of a contest or the draw pad


@Gilbert189, I think a draw pad doesn't really count as a drawing. Just remixes or a drawing on the draw pad


If it's showing off a new pad, I won't count it. :D

Oh wait. Newest won't work, since there's an art tab. Trending?


Whoa! :hushed:
That is very cool. I am gald you shared this with us, @OrangeScent1!


Meh :stuck_out_tongue: I'm sorta out of the art phase right now and I'm trying to do more coding so my profile looks better. But I still draw


Yes! I love this! Someone should make a project about it...