Art. IDEK what to do for a first topic.... um... yeah... ill do art trades!

Hallo. Ive been wondring if anyone is open for art trades!


Sure! I would love too!

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I'll do an art trade with you, @Elemental_Cat! :D

What would you like me to draw for you?


Welcome to the forum!

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Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :D

This type of topic would be great for our drawing topic, the forum's main art topic. Just a head's up for later, maybe you could put this type of stuff there. :D


Welcome to the forum! I hope that you will enjoy being here.

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Ok, something I need to say, I'm not allowed on my iPad on school days, so this will be one of the only times you'll see me on during weekdays. I'm free on weekends. Ok, I'd be cool if you could draw my oc, Morgan, she's the drawing above. Try drawing her differently then I drew her, 'Cuz dats copying. What would you like me draw for you?

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Thanks for the welcoming, @William04GamerA!

Cool! What do you want me to draw?

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How about a grey tabby on a bed, licking his paw. What do you want me to draw?

Ummmm. Anything really

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Okay. I'll draw her. :)

For me, could you draw my OC Kaia? She has pale skin, long, wavy black hair with a pink flower on the top, rosy cheeks, brown eyes, and wearing a yellow dress.

She's Asian, if that helps. ^^

Cool, ill do it! (It might not be in full color, it depends on the time i have)

Okay, thanks! And it's no problem! :D

I finished your drawing, but i cant upload it because my iPad is out of storage, even though i deleted a bunch of stuff. Sorry :cry:

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Okey, I’ve found a way to upload your art request! Sry the background is messy, I could draw it right. But I gotty.

Le edit: I tested le new style! I hope you like et:

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