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I am not good at art. A lot of people are! This topic is for people who need help at art, and for experienced. artists to help others. In this topic, people can sign up for the things they are good at, and they can help others. You can come to this topic to get feedback on your art, or to get help! Sign up below and have fun! Credit to @Elemental_Cat
Line art









Tell me if I missed anything

Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 14 [OFFICIAL]

thanks for the credit :000


I put myself in two categories of what I think I’m good at.

I hope that’s alright.


That’s good! The more the merrier!




Wow, this is cool! I put myself in a couple.


Hey @DogWithAPen.
Do you have any advice on line art?

I’m about to start a new drawing.
And I want it to look nice.


U forgot shading.
It might be useful to have that on there.
I know quite a few people who wish they knew how to shade better… you guys r right I should stop talking about myself.


I added myself to sketching but I don’t think I’m that good… If anyone thinks I’m not very experienced yet just tell me (because I’m not… very experienced :333)


Ok. I’ll add it in.


Well, I’m sure you first start with a sketch. I do my sketches in grey with a thicker brush width.

Then, the path can switch into two different directions.

Black line art- if you do black line art, it make your art look a lot more like one of a tv show. Make sure the pen is thin think thin. Do it in one flow, otherwise it will look sketchy. Otherwise it may not look that great. This is great for screen shots and action poses

Colorful line art- now the more artsy kind of lineart is when you line it in the same colors of the person. Now, this is better for character designs. The pen should be a little on the thicker side. Try to do one part at a time. I suggest the body should be in one color, but the head and hair can have a different lineart color. The lineart should be a little darker than the base colors.

Try making the lineart layer on a separate layer form your sketch , the base colors under that, and your final shine on top of the lineart

Combining the lineart layer with the base color layer is a good idea, but also it’s great to show your steps

If you want to change something of the lineart, first change the sketch layer, and then trace it for the lineart. Making direct changes to the lineart can end up in less professional looks.

Wow. I wrote a lot. Hopefully this helps! I think you probably already know this…


I could probably do Paper Sketching and Inking


Thanks! You can sign up, the first post’s on global edit.


Does anyone have any tips on digital art?
I’m not very good at it, and would like help on coloring, inking, and pretty much everything. XP



And no. I didn’t already know that.


Your welcome!
Teaching is really fun!


Only when you know what to teach, which you obviously do lol


My dang tip on coloring: stay in the lines.

I’m a terrible teacher…


I think it’s mainly the passion.
If you are say, talking about something you have no idea about
No you are taking like this
Uhm, so basically… uh… like… I was just

But if you talk as if you know what you’re talking about, then it’s fun! Cause you get to teach and sound like a professional. Even if it’s saying stuff everybody already knows


Does anyone know how to do color dodge (light-ish effect) on Medibang, like this:

NOT by me EDIT: @PinkCupcake8 @Ihasfluffycupcakes could you help?