Art Games Unofficial Topic!



Art Games! Things like art trades, and more. You should try to use Hopscotch for your art, but there will be winners of each challenge and if you win you will receive a prize, which will be a few of these:

  • a coded project dedicated to you
  • a shoutout
  • millions of likes
  • a drawing
  • anything else you want

The games are:
Art Trade:
One person draws one thing for someone and the other person draws something for them.
If you want to do this, write your name under here and I will pair you with someone:

If you have another art game idea, out it below this and remember: say that you wrote it!

@KVJ came up with this one.
Draw a friend based on what you think they look like! They will do the same.


Maybe do one @Candycane and I tried. It's where you draw someone with NO IDEA of what they look like, just how you imagine them :slight_smile:


That's me :stuck_out_tongue: