-art feedback? how can hito improve?-


Hi I just want to know what peeps think of my art, please be honest and tell me how I can improve! I won't feel sad!


Your art is pretty good! :D

Some tips:

  • Work on shading a little more??
  • Value needs to stay on track
  • Hair is good, but an outline would be useful
  • More details in face?
  • Maybe blend/smudge shading more often??

I'm BerryFOX on Hopscotch. You may know me? ^^


Maybe ask for this constructive criticism in the drawing topic instead? A lot of topics like this would be better in there.


Okay, I am new to the forum, so I still don't know these things
(BTW, I love your projects, you rock!)


Thx! Yes I knows u, your projects are awesome!
( sorry for chatting on your CaliPad )


Oh, no problem! Just a reminder!!!! I didn't really expect you to know. XD

(Thank you!!!!!!!!)


You do? That's surprising. :00

thank you so much! I love your projects too.

No, it's fine. I'm happy that you like it!


Thanks! ( okay that's good!)


Oh lawd @BerryFOX!
I just spent an hour chatting on your pad!
I Am soooo Sorry!


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Nope! I did! Well, now i have to do at least twenty letters.


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