Art Drawing Challenge


Hello Hopscotch Forum Players (idk just go with it),
I am making my first art drawing challenge! It I to... make an art Pad and draw your favorite emoji!


Welcome to the forum!!!! :DDDDDDD

I can't do dis challenge unfortunately cuz I dun have HS ;-;


Okay. It's okay because you don't have to do da challenge anyway so yeah


Welcome to the forum! Tag me anytime you want any help! Just type "@KVJ"!


Okay. Thx KVG. I now know someone that I can count on.


*KVJ :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm happy help anytime :smiley:


Okay, thx. I'm just gonna say something random cuz otherwise I can't send it. So I said hi but they said bye and then I left and they said why.


Do you mean the "post must be at least 20 characters" stuff...?


That is exactly what I mean. It's so weird.


U can fix that by doing this < then random letters after it then end it with another > (no spaces)



Sorry but it's not working. :sob:






 <whatever you want in these just like this!>