Art Discussion (TRB)



Where art ideas are shared openly.
This is about Hopscotch like trail art, draw pads, emoji draws, etc. And I did SBYP the others are about individual people this is about a community.@rainboom anyone is free and to post anything on topic and appropriate. Thanks @AHappyCoder I keep editing because I ran out of replys.


I don't totally get this, but I think it's about art, and there's already a topic for that :wink:

Remember to SBYP(search before you post) and keep everything hopscotch related! :wink:


Ok, but I think all drawing things have to be posted in the Drawing on Paper topoc. :wink:

Maybe explain a bit more?


Not if it is drawing on Hopscotch, I think :D



I still don't get the topic tho XD
I'm such a smol chakin :0


I love drawing! I'm a Hop artist and many peeps on Hop appreciates my art.
Tips to be a appreciated artist:
Draw cool stuff that takes time instead of a 30 seconds doodle
Try make your projects to be mostly art
Draw on paper as practice
The outlines can be sketchy, but try keep them clean
Enjoy it when drawing
Use the #art channel frequently
Choose a style that you like(e,g. Chibi, anime, semi-realistic)
Be happy!:wink:


Maybe you will get this topic by reading my post.:wink: Just ideas about art and stuff.



Of course they don't, I'm not trying to be a leader.

They're just a way of saying you don't mean this offensively.


This is just a open source place for ideas.


Hmm, I think that @Rainboom can use whatever emoji she like.
Besides, I like that emoji too!:wink:



Yep it is!:wink:


Can we not start fights?:confounded:


I'll let that thing go


Is my post the reason @malie quit? If so I probably will write a two page apology letter.I feel so bad for myself, this was only supposed to be a discussion. @BB-Box I need help with my emotions.Can you help me out BB-Box? Now they flagged that.


What should I help with?


Not really, I think. And I understand why you feel bad about yourself.:wink:


Emotional Stress.


Bumpity Bump Bump cause i can.