Art Contest. (VanillaOwl)


Okay since I might be quitting this was always a dream of mine to make an art contest so woopty do.
What You Are Required To Draw:

Option 1. White wolf with light blue swirls.

Option 2. A wolf girl or cat girl any is fine but her hair needs to be light brown.

1st. 30 likes and a follow.
2nd. 15 likes and a follow.
3rd. 10 likes.

Tracing/bases are not allowed!! All art must be 100% original. No looking at a drawing and trying to draw it.

Contest will end on Monday.


Ok I accept this challenge


  2. Same as what @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf said


Okay, I drew both of them in my entry, but the main one is the wolf girl, so don't pay attention to the other one.