Art Contest on Hopscotch


Hey people I am hosting an art contest! So, it is on Hopscotch, and basically the drawing must capture you in a nutshell!

Due on April 1st!

Must be on Hopscotch
Can not be a picture of you, It has to describe you.
The winner gets a website and all of their projects liked and the best customer game.

@smishsmash @PopTart0219 @RenegadeBird1 @OrangeScent1 @tankt2016 @OrigamiLover @Wookie @Dude73 @JaggedJeans @Follow4LikesOfficial @SmileyAlyssa @SmilingSnowflakes @DancingLollipop @XiaoMiaoMi @SnowGirl_Studios @Rawrbear @Kawaii_Lover


I'll join! Whatever I draw, it'll capture me perfectly—I like art! Maybe I could make an art collage…as a drawing.


Once you have done it, Just attach a pic


Okay! Going to draw it now.


Thanks @tankt2016! Do you have a Hopscotch Account? I will follow you


Done, and my Hopscotch username is tankt2016. Picture:


Great Job! Does anyone else choose to enter?


Try adding the friendly mass tag list to the top. Or tag drawers, like @OrangeScent1.


I'll do it! Thanks for tagging me. :blush:


i'll do it! later cuz its 6:20 and i gotta get ready for school


I want to enter, Dan I do like a comic of my life in a nutshell?


I will do it! But I don't understand about what we're supposed to do


You can draw anything that describes you!


Hi @Kawaii_Lover!! May I join? And if so, do I just draw something that captures my personality, like if I'm a sad person, a rainy scene?
(That was a weird example:frowning:)


@Bananadog of course!!! Attach an image of the art!


I'm going to do it right now!


OK...Just attach an image then @ me


You are so talented of course you can!!! Remember it needs to be done tomorrow! Please complete our entry.




That is cute! I love it