Art Competition



I am having an art competition on my new Chese pad. It is about drawing your favorite food as a person.
1st place gets a shoutout a follow and 25 likes
2nd place gets a shoutout a follow and 15 likes
3rd place gets a shoutout and 10 likes
Here's a link to my pad so you can do the competition:
Try your best and good luck hopefully you can do better than me.


I finished mine.
I don't really have a favourite food but I picked watermelon.
It's a guy in a creepy watermelon mask


That's amazing you published it a remix right @GoatLord!!! Way better than mine!!!


Yeah, I published it.


I will do mine right now.


Ok. Here's mine. It is a donut if you couldn't tell.

I also published the remix.


Do you want the OMTL to attract more peeps?


Sure @GoatLord !!! What's OMTL?


Official Mass Tag List



I did it!!


Well I can't be bothered removing names from the OMTL because they have already been here
I didnt even know you were on there


Thank you @GoatLord hope lots of people try out for it.


I liked this one! Also, I just started reading Dork Diaries.:grinning::wink:


I'll do it later. Yummy Amish Market pies…


I have to use layers, so can I do it on Procreate


No the competition is just on the chese pad
Am I right?


@Kawaii_Lover I want all the drawings to be on the Chese pad, sorry.


I might try this challenge out!


Cool @Hoppertoscotch I love when people try this challenge I hope you have fun with it.


@Hoppertoscotch when your done with it take a screenshot and put it up here so we can all see your awesome drawing.