Art club on forum (u can still register!)


No it's just I can see that everyone tried their best and it would be unfair to rank it, so......

Basically u get a request


Oh ok! That makes sense!


Eh, sorry if this is late, hehe
and the bad quality ;-;


I just think this Is kind of unfair b/c the last challenge winners got rankings....


What about TappyMLP, SG3A, Roller Blade, OUAT, Serenity and I? You didn't say our prizes @ColourfulBlack. Are we the Special, 1, 2, 3, and stuff?


U r getting a Request
tappy is getting a request too
Super girl and roller and serenity I will finish their requests from last time

This is not unfair, cause everyone is equally good
U all tried ur best

If anyone else thinks it's unfair, I will rank it
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Second challenge


Hi @ColourfulBlack
Sorry for not participating.
I did the drawing a few days ago but I don't have Internet connection.
I spent 30+ minutes drawing this:



SORRY for the awfulness.
I did it at school.I also don't want others to see my embarrassing drawing.
I'm the only want @ my class who plays HS. And with the name Hero Dino and my weird drawing,my friend will surely judge me.
Also I was rushing. It nor,ally took me around 1 hour plus to complete a "masterpiece"


The drawing is not weird! It's a masterpiece! Your friends are not going to judge it if they see that!


My drawing is normally just ugly cuz o don't draw hoomans like dat on art since it take up to 1+ hour


@ColourfulBlack, wat's the next challenge?


Kewl drawings! I luv it!


Woah! Awesome drawings!
Your drawings are amazing!
I love this topix.
Have you seen my late entry?


I'm super embarrassed of they see my drawings


I'm afraid that they weren't gud enough.
But I accidentally forgot to hide one of mah drawings. And I was happy about what they say.The first friend said "Nice drawing"
And the second friend said "ya"
And I was happy
While we're drawing Easter eggs
The fiery friend said" your drawings are the worst in the class, ya know"
Me," Duh


Here's some on paper


When's the next challenge?


art club closed due to awesome artists/members of this art club and weather condition

yes its raining now

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Is this temporary or permanent?


I will reopen it after I settle things down XD