Art club on forum (u can still register!)


K! I've started working on it, just don't have it yet :3


Same as ^


My answer is a huge "YAAAAAAS" for all teh questions. And here is some art(I have a lot more art on paper, and on paper I draw better):


Zelda he he he


omg that's amazing :00000


@ColourfulBlack here's my entry α••( ᐛ )α•—

Soree it's a bit blurry .H.


@DreamerGirl@iReesesCup@BellaWafflez17 @Roller_Blade@SuperGirl3Acer @Hero_Dino@kawaiirose @TheRainbowChicken
1day left


Imma have to quit the club D:
I just don't have time anymore, I'm just too busy, also I'm going to my grand,as house today untill wendsday, so sorry!


Here's my entry, sorry it took so long!

The girl is hugging a plate of waffles, can you tell?


One day left for what?


Do you draw often: Yeah, usually at least one little doodle a day, but there are some days when I find my inner artist! strikes a painful pose omg this reference XD
r u on the forum often: well, I'm planning on coming here like daily
Example of art (sorry for the quality and the random black scribble it was my rage heh heh)


HS Name: Roller Blade

@ColourfulBlack, I'm done!


I. AM. DONE!!! (finally...) @ColourfulBlack
Hopscotch name: SuperGirl3Acer

(btw, just ignore the awefullness over here​:grimacing: I was in a car for half of this so it didn't exactly turn out as planned...)


Hey guys, I would also like to join, I just joined the forum like 2mins ago. Anyway cd someone help me do some stuff on it? I don't know how. Thnx!

Here is a random cupcake I made on notes!


@Serenity @Glitter_Kitty@BellaWafflez17@Roller_Blade@PurpleStorybook@SuperGirl3Acer@TappymLP @cupcakemaniac1@onceuponatime @Fluffymarshmellow
Second challenge


@DreamerGirl@iReesesCup@Hero_Dino@TheRainbowChicken @kittyship

Everyone that participated will get a prize
I will finish ur GUZ requests & redraws first XD
@cupcakemaniac1 ( I already did a request for u guz)
@Glitter_Kitty ( I think I drew u XD)
U guz will get a shot out

Everyone else gets a request

Oh and....
I said I will do a request for u guz for guessing my name right in the "what's ur name" topic, but I have too many requests now sorry, but I welcome the two of u in my art club! XD


Can I join still? Btw is your HS account ColourfulBlack too?


Yes u can!
And yes my HS account is that too, but I don't go on HS anymore


Any ranking or anything? Sorry if I'm just being my brainless self and not understanding what I just read...


What did I not participate in?