Art club on forum (u can still register!)


Thanks! This is gonna be fun!



My Art!


do u draw often? Ya
r u on the forum often? Yup!
post a example of ur art:
I can't upload photos on my iPod. Will you please check my profile? My username is iWaffle


anyone else? i will be annoucing the first challenge soon!
tagging @Roller_Blade


Yess!!! I want to join! (Sorry I've been very busy this week and haven't had time to come on the forum/hopscotch). Hang on, I'm getting my form ready.


do u draw often? Yes!
r u on the forum often? Uhh, I look at it often, but don't post much.
post a example of ur art:


members: @KawaiiRose @DreamerGirl @Serenity @iReesesCup@tankt2016@Glitter_Kitty@BellaWafflez17@PerfectPanda24 @Roller_Blade @PurpleStorybook @SuperGirl3Acer @TappymLP @Hero_Dino
First challenge draw hopscotch as human!
Ends on August. 28
U can still register now!


Do you draw often? yessss.
R u on the forum often? Yes, I try to be on every day. Even if I don't post I still check it.
Examples of art:


Should we hashtag it? Like #CBForumClub?


Lol she is a famous artist... SereneCygnet but she's coming back when school starts... I think xD


OMG wut I'm famous? XD

You're absolutely right, though my name is SereneSummer right now.

Also, I was going to announce this on atopic when I knew for sure, but we're supposed to be getting our iPads back on Thursday (though school hasn't started yet). Don't quote me on that, though...


The next time I can do it is Friday BC there's no WiFi BC I'm at my grandmas house. Also my phone is android. Sorry!


quotes Serenity hehehe


Ok just lemme set up my playlist


Idk if you want to see which songs I like I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Sure! Me would wuv to join!

do u draw often? yup!
r u on the forum often? sometimes
post an example of ur art:


Wow! Those are beautiful! Welcome to the forum!


Ok here's the thingy


I have black hair too!
But mai hair is tailbone-length


@ColourfulBlack Here's the art for the first challenge:

Also, I just realized I haven't been active in your HS art club for the whole summer! I'm so sorry for not telling you earlier! :scream::scream::scream:


No like real life famous!