Art club on forum (u can still register!)


there are a bunch of art clubs on hopscotch, so why not make one on the forum?
heres a register form:
do u draw often?
r u on the forum often?
post a example of ur art

yep, only three questions because i will check ur profile
everyones welcome! XD

tag list:

members: @KawaiiRose

ART CLUB ON FORUM 2! (Closed, see another topic)

First reply! I would like to join!


plz answer the questions :3


The art is old so ya


Better art coming soon at ur local supermarket!


Oh o gtg now, bai see u later


I think this is a great idea, and I'm really hoping to join!


do u draw often? Too much XD

how long have u being on the forum? Idk, most of the summer? I've been on HS forever, though.

post a example of ur art
Le art:

My single failed attempt at realism

My normal style

Ok bai now ^ - ^


Wow! You should be a famous artist! I mean....your drawings are not only wonderful and fantstic, they're WONDERTASTIC!!!


do u draw often? Yea sure
how long have u being on the forum? Since October 2015
post a example of ur art

Not my up-to-date style, but I still like my kofuku drawing

My style still hasn't adapted to paper yet.


anyone else?


@Maltese u should join :3


I draw quite often.

How old your account is does not have anything to do with art whatsoever, nor does it change your art.

I am not allowed to take screenshots. Please refer to my profile, tankt2016.


lol true
i just wanna ask
it actually dosent matter


:0 really?? idk I'm not that good at art and school is coming so I'll be busy :0


actually i'll change the question to:
r u on the forum often?


this is just for fun
that means u can just doodle through every drawing

of course, the art club dosent judge on how good u draw, its how much work u put into ur drawungs


1) yep
2) yep


i'm trying to decide what should the first contest be

  • draw hopscotch as human
  • draw a weather as human
  • draw ur forum name as human



members: @KawaiiRose
plz vote