ART CLUB ON FORUM 2! (Closed, see another topic)



i created a new topic for my art club again!!!! (yep, its now reopened!!!!)
new members welcome!!!!!
old members r still in!!! XD

there are a bunch of art clubs on hopscotch, so why not make one on the forum?
heres a register form:
do u draw often?
r u on the forum often?
post a example of ur art

yep, only three questions because i will check ur profile
everyones welcome! XD

tag list:

members: @KawaiiRose

sorry if u r tagged twice :3


do u draw often? ye!
r u on the forum often? who isn't XD
post a example of ur art


members: @KawaiiRose

frist challenge:

draw your oc wearing something halloweenish
challenge ends at halloween!!!

if u dont have an oc plz do Tanya(my OC)


YEY! Thanks so accepting meh!

What if I don't have an OC?


Um, I don't have an OC so I have to make up one x3


Hi. Please use the updated OTML. Thank you :slight_smile:


Am I still in? :0



I've been running out of inspiration lately, so I'm glad this is back up.

(Also, that old request...I'm really'll be done...sometime...)


May I join plz??
Here, I filled out the form!
Do u like to draw? Soooo much!!!
Are u on the forum a lot? Oh yah. I am on it every day!
I cannot post art, I am on my phone... But I did post some on the drawing topic.


Why am I tagged? I am not in any tag lists.


Please use the updated tag list. I took my name off over two months ago. :)


Is it okay that my OC is a waffle..?


yah!!! omg I never seen this topic in my life and now I love it!!!
heres a register form:
do u draw often? yea
r u on the forum often? kinda (busy and working on projects)
post a example of ur art

sorry for the art spam


How is this topic closed?


please use the updated one I took myself off a while ago thanks :3


I'll be on it!


Can I plz be a member?????