Art Club Discussion



following my previous discussion with @tankt2016:

discussion 1

challenges should be weekly.
Prêt-à-Template does look fairly creditable. Members should be required to download.
The club should be called…I do not know. Think of some names and I will post a poll here.
I think new challenges should be every Saturday or Friday.
I live in Texas.

Do not tell me what to do with my General Topic. I have friends who are not members who must see my General Topic.


ah, i dont have any space on my phone anymore. can i use firealpaca instead?


Understandable, sorry! Just saying, it’s in the community guidelines for GTs to be in the random stuff category.




thanks ily


I guess so? If you could upload images, then maybe I could take a screenshot of the template unless you don’t need one… It is 261 megabytes.
@catfishqqqqqqqqqqqqq, maybe the members should be required to download it unless they can’t for some reason, in which case I would post an image of the model, which they could then upload to a drawing app/website, and maybe we should have some challenges on paper?


i took a look at the app’s site, it looks pretty crappy so i wouldnt download anyway


Okay, we probably should make downloading the app optional but preferred. It is basically figures you design clothes on.


orrr we could just use fashion design refs for fire alpaca and whatnot


Yep. I’ll just grab a screenshot of the template and say, “Here if anyone wants it”, I guess. Sounds good!