Art club called: The Creative Artist



I wanted to make a art club, but no one would answer in the one I published on hopscotch, so I deleted it. And I'm asking on here! Plz sign up! I will be doing everything to! Hi everyone well I can only have twenty people in it so 7 more spaces are left!
Do you like drawing:
What level of drawing are you in:
Will you be nice:
Do you follow me ( you don't have to):
Will you participate:
A nickname for you:

People who are in:
TRICERA-STUDIOS ( @tankt2016 )
TmLP ( @TappymLP )
Bananadog ( @Bananadog )
SGS ( @SnowGirl_Studios )
Deadpowder ( @Deadfr )
Abloom ( @Silver_girl )
EoS ( @EggsOnSaturn1 )
Enchanted (@EnchantedAnimallover )
Dot ( @DotMatilda )
Resses (@iReesesCup )
Once ( @OnceUponATime )
Kawaii ( @KawaiiAnimeLuver )
Dd (@Doodliedoo )


You choose. But probably 9.

No. Or probably not.
Yes, just tag me. Or I'll put this on Watching.

PLEASE NOTE: I may do some of the challenges on the account "MYD and Tankt2016's Art".


Thank you for replying your in!


Thanks! Would have liked, out of likes.


Hope this is good enough...


Here are some art examples...


Your in! Look on my account to see a challenge!


Can't see it...The latest post I see was two days ago...


Not now but later, when I get at least 5 people in my club!


Anyone else! Plz. I need more people!


@Bananadog? Can you join the club?


Oooh! Sure! I'd love to! @TappymLP


@Silver_girl we have a new member! A really awesome and amazing artist!


My entry form:

I like drawing!:wink:
I don't know what level...?
Of course I'll be nice!:grinning:
Ill go follow you!
I'll participate if I have the time


Accepted. Your in!! Yah


Name: on hopscotch Vanillapowder on forum deadfr
Do you like drawing:yea!
What level of drawing are you in:i rate my art 9/10 sometimes 10/10
Will you be nice: yea!
Do you follow me ( you don't have to): no... :frowning:
Will you participate:yea!
A nickname for you: DeadPowder or vanillafr! What you choose!


Can any of you join


You're are totally in!


Sure! I would love to join!


Sorry, I stopped entering in art clubs because I usually end up not doing the challeges :sweat_smile: