Art Challenges! Drawing Program Based!




This is a challenge! What you shall do in the challenge is all draw something in your own style, but together. There will be teams! But first, you must vote in this poll.

What is Your Favorite Drawing Software?

  • Procreate
  • Brushes Redux
  • Scetchbook by Autodesk
  • Ibis Paint
  • Medibang Paint
  • Tayusai Sketches
  • Paper 53
  • Hopscotch
  • Other (Please list)
  • The troll option (POTATO)


Teams: (TBD)

The teams will be decided by drawing program. There will be more info when there are teams. Feel free to ask me anything! :D




That was the friendly mass tag list by the way. And also, a list of people who I would especially like to tag, @OrangeScent1, @XiaoMiaoMi, @LotsaPizza, and @SmilingSnowflakes.


This looks cool! may I join?

I use ProCreate btw


i will join... @SkydivingWalnut


I wanna join



can I join? I'll do IbisPaint...


I'm joining!
Drew this…


Could I join? I draw on hopscotch mostly...


I has only two really good pieces... I'd love to add another to my list!
The issue is, I can't upload. That's going to be a problem.
I use Brushes Redux for the AWESOME layer effects (changing colors, creating shading, etc.). I also really like Animation Desk for the AWESOME blur tool.
I wish I had Paint Tool SAI... PT SAI is my dream.
I also draw on paper. I mainly draw nature, ESPECIALLY water/dew droplets. I have a way of shading them that makes it look really real.
I will sometimes draw anime/manga on paper.
I can join a group, but I can only use Hopscotch, since I can't upload.


Can I join? I use procreate


Can I join? I do auto sketch book