Art Challenge Every Month!



So....hi! I'm going to have an art challenge every month or so.You can choose any art pad on the Hopscotch app, then take a screen shot of your artwork(by pressing the off and home button at the same time). Press the upload button when you reply, and find your work!

Sometimes the challenges will be easy, other times they won't. But this time, I'll make it easy. Draw a cat! You can draw it on paper or on the Hopscotch app if you want to. :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: The link is just for additional information about cats.


Cool. I'm not that good at drawing, though.


Can I do it on paper? I'm not good AT ALL on hopscotch art pads..


You can draw it on paper if you want to.


Ok, thanks! :DD




What Is that supposed to mean?




Well then, does anyone want to submit their drawing of a cat? Anyone?