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ha, nope


I was off for about 3 days until I got back on




soooooooo how have yall been , need to vent, ive been gon for like 2 weeks, so im all ears


I forgot to watch the anime. But I will get around to watching it as soon as I’m done with my current show on Netflix


I’m pretty good but I got a lot on my mind. I got schoolwork


ooh yeah that socks, same tho, i have a whole prodject due in a couple of days and i bairly got started on it


Oof. Hope it turns out good. I got my project good going tho


well thats good, my aunt got me my first macup pallate in my life and i half to hide it from my mom :scream: if she finds out im dead


Lol. Idk anything about maccup because I don’t ware it I’m a guy. But when I was 5 I messed around with my sisters makeup


And my sister tricked me into painting my nails pink when I was 5


I was pretty stuped back then


ha lol, mean eather, my mom is VERY strickt about makeup she will not let me eaven touch it , jk, lol, no, but she jest dont like me putting things on my face she says im ¨too young¨ even tough im 13, freaking kensa, lol, idk if i even spelled it wright, lol, so basically i cant even play around with it till im 15 and cant wear it out till im 16


so if my mom fined it under my pillow im dead


Don’t hide it under pillow. Hide it in closet or under dresser or something. Pillow is easiest spot to guess.


yeah…Wait, mwahahahahhahahah i jest though of the perfect place…mangas MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA


Oh um ok I guess that’s a good place


Idk where to hide stuff as I don’t really have a lot of stuff to hidee


ha lol, no i mean jest the drawer where i put my managas, lol


yeah mean eather my mom is always in my freaking room