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watching hamilton was doctors orders, i hope you listed to the soul doctor , the soul doctor knows all



Ahhh why?!

Prob the white board ban thing


idk, i also dont know why it took 12 days for them to un-block me


Geez… anyways community leaders (users who help moderate the forum) are back and wbfs are strictly banned now


yeah, and at that point , being blocked for 12 days i thought that they jest terminated my account


Btw you should prob edit your location out of your bio,


my location is in my bio?


what how is it in their? HOW DID IT GET THEIR< I AM VERY STRICT ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT HAVEING MY LOCATION, DNA, THUMBPRINT , ect, my location shouldent be their


how do i get it out, also HOW DID IT GET THEIR!?


Tap on your profile pic to see it.

You filled out the Location area in your profile settings.


Also you have to un-fill out the Location area in your profile settings to get it out.


ok i manadged to change it , thx 4 telling me , i dident see that


also, so do aney of yall wanna hear a storyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that happend to me yesterdayyyyyyy???


No problem,



ok so, i was in art class by the sink to get a wet papter towel to clea up my HUDGE oil pastell mess i made, aneyways, so all of a sudden i hear my name getting called by my friend in the door way where she was about for abou 0.3 seconds till she booked it because lo and behold SHE WAS STANDING BEHING MY CRUSH BEFOR SHE RAN so me and my cruch made eye contach for about 5 seconds…AND I CANT EVEN REMEMBER WHO BROKE THE STARE like what the heck


like tbh that was one of the most deepest stares that ive ever had with someone , like, we where looking into eachothers souls…


That’s deep…

Oh yeah oil pastels are so messy


yeah, lol, also that stare was so weird, and the even weirder thing was how i heard her, bc tbh she wasent that loud and normally im freaking deaf sooooo…intersting




Oh…you got banned? I thought you just took a break for school